Frequently Asked Question

PST / GST rebates

  • Am I entitle to the GST and PST rebate ?

    Yes only if you or a family member live at the adress.  Unfortunalety not if you rent your property. 


  • When I will sign the purchase of my property, will I receive a certificate of localisation ?

    Absolutely you will receive one at the notary.  Note however that this certificate is made on the foundation and not with the built house finish. 

  • Can we modify one of your existing plan ?

    Effectively it is possible to make some changes to our existing plan.  We suggest to meet one of our representative to get more details.

  • Can we built your model on our own land ?

    Effectively we can built the model you choose on your land.


  • Do we have to deal with the constructor notary ?

    Indeed.  When you will sign the preliminary contract the name of the notary you have to deal with  will be indicated.  The notary is choosen by the contractor according to the project.